05/09/19 – Add-Ons




Drawing Anesu is always a delight, she loves taking up her physical space.


  1. Anesu cracks me up. Her moral compass does waver a bit, but all in all she seems to be a force for good – and she has a hell of a knack to persuade or trick people to do as she wants.

    @Christopher: Re-read the whole spacetrawler series lately with my print editions. Solid gold! 🙂

  2. Peter Rogan

    Anesu doesn’t seem to be troubled at all that her suggestions are ignored. Methinks she has faith in the mischief and tomfoolery the Slinten pods are going to create in the larger universe. Possible even to the extent of making destruction of their home planet a viable tradeoff. But who knows?

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