05/13/19 – Jabby Double-Checked




This may seem totally non-sequitur, but I’m just having a second laugh about THIS PAST STRIP.


  1. Jude

    I *love* the stricken horrified look on Wezzle’s face in panel 5!! As for the link to the past strip, not so non-sequitur really. He said he can be having fun but his face doesn’t show it, yet in panel 4 of this strip, his face is saying he was totally enjoying himself. Does that mean he’s actually having a terrible time?

  2. Knicholas

    Ha! It took me several minutes to realize why Jibbiz was “locked away”. Plus comparing his clothes from past strip with the leather-man outfit in this one.

  3. Peter Rogan

    Jabby…. mutated? In what sense? In what uncorrectable sense?

    I get the feeling the Kreebrick is responsible somehow, which has Dire Portent written all over it if Mauricio decides to tackle the second Kreebrick. Mutations seldom add up; they tend to degrade the organism in toto.

    Ah me. It seems that we shall have to wait to see what develops, just like old-style Kodachrome (music cue here).

      1. Peter Rogan

        You mean, Jabby mutated before being attached to Mauricio, possibly? Hadn’t considered that. Whole new worlds of possibility open with THAT thought. I think I’ll sit quiet and watch the movie a time, thanks.

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