05/22/19 – Officiator Officiates




Moral: never enter a gunfight when all you have is a cooked piece of spaghetti.


  1. Coyoty

    “My God, he threw the noodle in the guy’s face just as he was breathing in and he choked to death!”

    You were saying?

    I have a cooked piece of spaghetti and I know how to use it.

  2. Owen Smith

    Hmm. This thing about no Eeb can be allowed to keep their telekinesis seems rather extreme. The rampage of the insane Eebs happened before Devyat was born. It was not remotely her fault, so why is anyone proposing punishing her for it? Now if she starts killing people with her telekinesis or commits other offences that would be different. It is the action that is the crime, not having the power itself.

    1. Kaidah

      Rampaging unclamped Eebs destroyed entire planets and killed billions. We know what a good person Devyat is, but they don’t know her from a black hole. What they do know is the kind of damage an unclamped Eeb can cause and how stopping one is only slightly easier than stopping a Kreebrick.

      Also, when the Eebs were freed didn’t the GOP pass a law saying all telekinetic Eebs had to be clamped? I don’t have time to search the archives, but I feel like that was a thing.

  3. KQY

    I have been in lots of these meetings as well. And, as the leader in at least half of them. I usually have a course of action mapped out before it starts. The purpose is to see if I overlooked anything. Seems like this meeting leader used the same scheme. 😉

  4. Russell Styles

    I have a theory about the GOB. We see that a kangaroo is walking around and acting like a sentient creature. It looks like most of the “sentient” races would probably be no smarter than kangaroos without the translators.

    Either that, or the kangaroos in this universe are a LOT smarter than those in our universe. You’d think they would notice.

    PS – I am beginning to dislike those two idiots. At this point, I could agree with using their planet for a weapon demonstration, or another Eeb rampage. They clearly aren’t sentient. About like our leaders I suppose.

  5. Daniel Grossberg

    Just keep a lot of Furryites around. Of course then you have the problem of oppressing the Furryites (again!) to control your unclamped Eebs. Living in fear is bad for your soul, and having the power to make others protect you just makes it worse.

  6. Peter Rogan

    COOKED spaghetti. COOKED.

    As in: Possessing the structural integrity of semi-hard nasal mucus.

    Motion to adjourn! SECONDED! CARRIED!

    And now the competent are free to act.

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