05/21/19 – Kreebrick Report





  1. Leinglo

    Funnily enough, “It’s Dimitri” also serves as a universally accepted explanation for…just about anything involving him, really. His entire interstellar career has basically been a nonstop montage of ludicrously impossible.

  2. Peter Rogan

    I’ve been in this meeting. Twenty or thirty times, I think. They always end the same way: Studied indifference and implied inertia, which allows those who actually get things done to actually get things done. Until the next meeting, when comes the criticism and suggestions for future improvements.

    1. DSL

      You actually got suggestions for future improvements? My after-action meetings generally included “you f***ed this up, except for this, for which I’m taking credit.” Followed sooner or later by “You just can’t take criticism.”

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