05/29/19 – Biased


BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!




Joyce is my hero. Sometimes.


  1. Meoi Lass

    “friends”? Huh. I’m confused too. I think it’s something nonrational sentimental beings use to manipulate other beings emotions? I might be wrong though. Any time you put emotions and sentimentality into an equation, it gets hard to determine an answer with any exactness.
    Zapping her was definitely the right idea. I mean, what cyborg would possibly ever consider making their skin highly conductive/insulated against electrical pulses, right? Really though, what else could the stun setting be? A highly specific EM frequently should render any nervous system “stunned” for a while, unless of course you do what Dimitri did and increase your neuroplasticity and recovery time making the “stun” and possibly even “kill” not really do much besides feel like a 9v on your tongue.
    -Meoi Lass
    PS. First time for a first

    1. Meoi Lass

      Pps. Chris! It’s been a while since I commented, so, HI! And could we get a full page spread on the faces in the first panel? I can’t get over the emotions and expressions. :’)

  2. I was imagining your artwork as I read the description of “Willowweep Manor.” I was also trying to imagine your dialog, but then I remembered that Garrity was doing the words. No worries; she’s a kick-ass writer, too. Congratulations! I look forward to having a copy on the shelf with my “Little Dee” volumes.

  3. Peter Rogan

    Congratulations on Willowweep Manor! I’m going to have to ask for it at my bookstore.

    Sigh. I’ve dealt with ‘people’ like Auf and Laun. Dealing with them on any terms of humanity is a singular mistake — one they don’t allow you to recover from, since you’ve displayed a mind-boggling weakness they cannot abide or tolerate. And will work to destroy.

    Should have met the whole entourage with batteries of stun guns and put them someplace they couldn’t escape until Devyat had finished. Let this be a lesson: When you lose a fight, the only ‘negotiations’ you’re allowed are terms of surrender. Ones your vanquisher cannot be expected to observe in the slightest.

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