05/30/19 – Something Stinks





  1. andreas

    Luckily Anesu is close by, no doubt disguised in a Furryite suit.
    (How did she get one made so quickly? Clearly, she had the suit all along. Best not to inquire why…)

    1. jediadept

      Or, Anesu is disguised as Devyat and lets them (uselessly) brain clamp her; allowing the real Devyat to continue on with her life unhindered and unmolested, with the universe (except for a select few) non-the-wiser.

  2. Kaidah

    A thought occurs…since Devyat is half human do they really know that Furryites actually suppress her telekinesis? Could be she’s just playing along to see how everything shakes out, with the added bonus of letting them think they have a way to control her.

  3. russell styles

    Since the defenders – Anesu – aren’t totally clueless, I agree, those must be fake Ites standing around the outside of the cage.

    I doubt if her powers are immune to them, but it is a remote possibility.

  4. Peter Rogan

    Splendid cliffhanger, Chris. I’m going to be chewing my nails down to my elbows all weekend on this one.

    Time for the deus ex machina. Or Hwan ex machina, or Bikkie no machina needed, or even as andreas suggests the disguised Anesu.

    —But wait! Where’s Dmitri??

    1. Fontlady

      Dmitri is at a nearby pub with a drink or three secure in the knowledge that even if Joyce or Anesu can’t stop Auf and Laun then Devyat is perfectly capable of handling them on her own.

  5. Robert Rosenthal

    I agree, those goons are in for an entire solar system of pain or else in one of those choice situations they never wanted to be on the wrong side of.

  6. russell styles

    This isn’t Devyat. Doesn’t look that way, but possible.
    Someone tampered with the clamper. Dangerous if they have a backup.
    Fake Ites. They look real.

    Anything else that would not be an unfair surprise by author? Devyat is immune to clamper would be unfair surprise.

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