06/12/19 – Get In Line





  1. russell styles

    I still think that it should be possible to unclamp. We will find out if the last Eeb is clamped before they find another Keebrick.
    Faking being clamped would seem to be the ideal solution for Devyat. So long as she goes along, who would know the difference.
    Since she would need to hide her power, the temptation to abuse her power should be reduced.
    But the ability to reverse clamping would do the job. Heck, her dad could reverse clamping on himself.

  2. Efogoto

    Outlandish power is only really dangerous in the third person: the Eebs with power had to be clamped. In the second person, I can see that you might have had a problem with it. In the first person, it’s fine: I can handle it. See? Everything’s fine!

  3. War Pig

    Yeah, humans.

    On the one side, Mother Theresa, Sabin and Saulk, Paul Newman, Johns Hopkins and Florence Nightingale. On the other, Adolph Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Charles Manson, Myra Hindley and Karla Homolka.

    The good are really great and the bad are really evil.

  4. 0z79

    People are like chef’s salad, with good and bad bits all mixed together. At least, according to a certain wise double-amputee and former member of a sub-par theater troupe.

  5. Peter Rogan

    Old. old joke. The australopithicine droppings on it are a dead giveaway.

    The best solution I can see is for Emily to go along with Devyat and see to the destruction of the second Kreebrick, after which the argument can resume, Devyat can reshape Emily’s consciousness to report Devyat died, or agree to carry on the deception so long as Devyat remains invisible to authorities, or Devyat can… But why give it away?

    All these characters have deeper motivations on which they’ve acted in the past. And we still don’t know the source of Dmitri’s unseemly upset. More is going on here that it appears. Bad old antihuman joke or not. –On closer examination, those droppings may be Hylobatidaen.

  6. Efogoto

    Hey Devyat! Point out that the non-existence of black swans was proverbial … until a black swan was found. Now that we know Kreebricks exist in this universe, there ought to be serious consideration given to retaining the one weapon we know works on them rather than neutralizing it.

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