06/11/19 – Emily Advises





  1. War Pig

    Chris, if you like Butterfingers desserts, I can wholeheartedly recommend this recipe for Butterfingers cookie bars:


    My grandson still asks for these sometimes when I visit him at college. I make a double batch (72) and take them up. The other thing most requested is my sausage stuffed zucchini, which his entire football team in HS used to eat by the dozens. Third is my double chocolate fudge Coca-Cola cake. One or more of those three are usually requested when I go up. All of them if it’s finals week. His three roomies like them as much as does my grandson but they have to ask nicely. The cookie bars and Coca-Cola cake also make great girl bait, I have been told. 😉

      1. War Pig


        Stuffed zucchini:

        4 medium zucchini
        1 pound ground beef
        1 pound Italian sausage
        1 small onion, chopped
        1/2 cup dried bread crumbs
        1 egg, beaten
        1 (28 ounce) can crushed tomatoes or tomato sauce
        1 (10.75 ounce) can condensed tomato soup
        1 cup water

        1.Preheat oven to 350 degrees (175 degrees C). Grease or spray a 13×9 inch baking dish.
        2.Cut the zucchini in half lengthwise. With a spoon, scoop out the seeds. Chop and reserve about 3/4 of the seeds for the stuffing. In a medium bowl, mix together the ground beef, sausage, chopped onion, bread crumbs, egg and the reserved zucchini seeds. Place the meat mixture equally into all of the zucchini halves; mixture should be piled up over the top. Place the filled zucchini halves into the prepared baking dish.
        3.In a bowl, stir together the crushed tomatoes/sauce, tomato soup, and water. Spoon the tomato mixture over the filled zucchini, liberally. Bake in the preheated oven for approximately 45 minutes. You may want to place foil or a cookie sheet underneath the baking dish because it tends to bubble over and splash. If using disposable foil pans I highly recommend a cookie sheet beneath.

        NOTE: For the Italian Sausage, just buy Italian sausage links and remove the casings and crumble it up like loose sausage. While you can use regular sausage I advise at least trying the Italian once. The flavor is MUCH better, whether you use sweet or hot Italian sausage. You can even sprinkle on some oregano before baking as an added touch – gives them sort of a pizza bent. Play around with it and customize it with spices and things. I always put banana pepper rings over it before baking it for me as I love their flavor. You can also add Parmesan, Romano or other cheese over the tops.

        My grandson and his football team buddies can eat these BY THE DOZEN. I had a manager of Donatos pizza ask me for the recipe after he tried them at a dinner party of mine once. People ask me to bring these for potluck dinners as well.

    1. Muzhik

      Even better for girl bait: teaching him to make “double choc fudge CC cake” by himself. Then he can invite some female acquaintances over, saying, Hey, I made this myself but I need someone to tell me a) if they’re good and b) how to make it better. (Check out Ray Bradbury’s “Medicine for Melancholy”

  2. War Pig

    OBTW, girl bait in the nice way. Not anything illegal. Once they hear there’s double choc fudge CC cake, my grandson’s dorm apartment becomes really popular with the girls. So I usually make two sheet cakes in disposable pans.

    Red wine, cake, and thou.

  3. Lau should be Laun, for great consistency.

    Also Pilot should probably say “To put _it_ in her own words”.

    I like that escaping jail is a bad thing. I’ve been watching some recent Star Trek and it’s sort of pathetic how no criminal or insubordinate actions have any consequences at all, as long as things generally work out ok. Your universe is much more sensible.

  4. Peter Rogan

    A flustered Dmitri yesterday, today a level-headed and reasonable Emily. All this without Devyat having to think a thing. If this sort of power could be harnessed, what else might be possible?

    ….We’re gonna find out, aren’t we?

    Suddenly my popcorn’s cold. I haven’t got an appetite any more.

  5. Muzhik

    Suddenly my popcorn’s cold. I haven’t got an appetite any more.

    Well, send it over here! Especially if it’s a heritage variety. It’s still good the next day, and besides, the pioneer kids would have popcorn with cream and sugar for breakfast.

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