06/17/19 – Lighty-Light Drive




It was going to be a “blink” drive, but I looked that up and saw it was already being used. Happily, the “Lighty-Light Drive” not only fits thematically with the previous drives (“Greased Light Drive” and “Greased Dark-Light Drive”), but it also cracks me up, and that last reason is always good in my book.


    1. Muzhik

      @Schismatism, she’s holding her thumb and forefingers close together, while her face is scrunched up to show that it was just LITTLE TINY BIT of airline peanuts.

  1. Peter Rogan

    We come on the sloop John B
    My grandfather and me
    Around Nassau town we did roam.
    Drinking all night
    Got into a fight
    Well, I feel so broke up
    I want to go home.

    Just keep the poor cook from eating all of your corn and you should be all right. Have to admit, though, I’m imagining the color palette you’d need for Anesu’s hurl. ‘Technicolor’ just doesn’t do it justice. Beets and tikki marsala— maaaannnn……

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