06/18/19 – New Shiny Toy




Heh. It was actually a challenge to write that many variants on the sounds of someone throwing up.


  1. Efogoto

    Man! I’ve been done in by the Zipper and the Round-Up, so I have great empathy for the barfers … but they just traveled astronomical distances like *that*. I could barf a little for that.

  2. Jude

    And the first one to barf was Anesu. Although the Lighty-Light Drive didn’t actually upset anyone else’s stomach, the sight and smell of Anesu vomiting continuously for three minutes was more than their stomachs could handle.

  3. Efogoto

    I think it important to note, O’Kingly, that the reason you can’t humble-brag is because everyone *else* is barfing! When they’re done, you should first smugly note that aloud.

  4. Schismatism

    Are Mihrrgoots even capable of vomiting? It seems like evolution might have passed them by on that particular trick.

    O’Kingly’s gettin’ the hang of that Irish accent, aye?

  5. War Pig

    I remember when it was a comic until it had to change to a magazine format to beat censorship.

    “You can talk about your guards,
    And your fullbacks gaining yards.
    And those ends that run the hook and down-and-out.
    But when it comes to glory, then the quarterback’s your story.
    Cause it’s him the fans all want to read about.

    Now there’s …. and Johny U, Bart Starr and ….. too,
    And Fran Tarkington, who scrambles for his dough.
    But of those that pass the ball,
    the coolest of them all,
    Is that hero of the Jets team, Broadway Joe.

    For it’s “Joe!, Joe!, Joe!”, a blonde is waving in the seventh row.
    All the grandstands will be shaking,
    With the passes you’ll be making.
    And we don’t mean playing football, Broadway Joe.”

    Old days, man, old days. 😉

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