07/08/19 – “To Do” List




Holy cow! This is the 300th page (or 1st half of the 600th half-page) of this new iteration of Spacetrawler!
Still slated to wrap up in August/September. So excited for the next book! So much, um… prepress!


  1. Jude

    Joyce – practical, logical, modest and unassuming, and still a mom under it all. I think for many women, we can wear many different guises as the need arises, but the ‘mom’ aspect never really goes away. After all, it is only natural for us to nurture those in need. I like Joyce a lot.

    I’ve wondered about some of the other characters we haven’t heard from in a long time. What’s happened to Hwan, Bikkie and Bag of Snakes?

        1. watcher

          I do too, it takes about 6-8 days to get to a punchline in Girl Genius. Sure it’s artwork is probably one to rival Baldwin’s, but man some of the storylines take months to come to fruition.

  2. Rikard

    Aaah, the old filosophical chestnut: premeditaded killing, random killing or heat-of-the-moment-killing. And no, no real world examples.

    Maybe the ship has a “filosophistry bot” for her to debate with? (And then she becomes frustrated with it and turns it into a bar-bot – que joke abouit “Metamorphosis”…)

  3. Owen Smith

    The word “mom” just doesn’t work in that way for me, it has such heavy US overtones. A “mom” has a thick US accent and forces you to take out the garbage (another US word) and play soccer (we don’t call it that). My mum or mother does entirely different things.

    1. Owen Smith

      Also in the UK people don’t say “I’m a mum” as if it defines their very being, whereas being “a mom” in the US seems to do that just that for many people. It’s a big cultural difference.

      1. Jude

        I’m in Canada and despite what many people think about Canadians, I identify with the UK much MUCH more than the States but we say mom here too. I think it’s because mom is the older child’s version of mommy whereas mummy means a mummified body so no one writes mum. I never say I’m a mom but will say I’m a mother. I wrote “still a mom” in response to Joyce’s final comment.

    1. Efogoto

      “Next book” singular? Could it contain
      β€’ Book 4: Darkhuenium Pandemonium
      β€’ Book 5: The Heltch Egg
      β€’ Book 6: The Auglish Gounder
      Fingers, toes, and eyes crossed!

  4. Muzhik

    Make sure the hearty breakfast is a lot of steak and eggs. That’s what they fed the astronauts not just because it’s delicious, but because it’s high in protein AND low in fiber, meaning that much less “waste” to deal with in your suit as you’re getting ready to step on the moon for the first time.

  5. Peter Rogan

    Relax, Devyat. The chances that the second Kreebrick is in another inhabited system with three races conducting genocidal war against each other, in which you haplessly intervene resulting in the death of billions is, uh….. pretty small. Right, Chris??

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