07/16/19 – Now What




There’s no bamboozlement like show bamboozlement, there’s no bamboozlement I know.


  1. ronald


    While perusing earlier strips, I came across a reference to the earlier genocidal Eebs having been tortured since birth (that’s not quite how I remember it but that was a long time ago for me). It occurred to me that if someone’s tortured since birth, if their experiences are limited entirely to torture, then they wouldn’t recognize it as torture because they’d have nothing else to compare it to. In fact, ending the torture would be an overwhelming shock to their system and might qualify as torture in itself.

    Like I said, OFF_TOPIC


    Inasmuch as Medi-Bot was able to accomplish so much in “repairing” Joyce, it seems hard to believe that Medi-Bot couldn’t mend Krep’s severed tentacles. Is that just some macho thing on Krep’s part, “wearing his wounds” like badges of honor? Because I could totally see him doing something that obstinate.

    Again, that was OFF_TOPIC

    1. Rikard

      Hypothesis: Krep’s a hardcase. Also, drinks hard. I’m thinking the missing tentacles are good for free drinks.

      “So, howd’ya loose them tentacles then?”
      “You keep the Limbic Fizzlers coming an’lemme tell you allaboudit!”

      Or somesuch.

    1. TB

      From what I’ve seen so far, they can replace normal body parts, but either a lot of people like upgrades, or a lot of medical providers think they’re boring and talk the patient into them.

  2. Peter Rogan

    What a great scheme. A plan like this is what kept Bonnie and Clyde going for, you know, at least a couple of years. Until they got dry-gulched in Louisiana, that is. Finked out by one of their own.

    In the meantime…. Oh, the places you’ll go!

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