07/25/19 – Yuri Is Right





  1. Muzhik

    If that’s a Russian tea cookie she’s munching on, isn’t it a bit oversized? I’m used to these cookies being about an inch and a half across (about 3.75 cm).

      1. watcher

        That she is.
        But isn’t she mainly machine now?
        I thought there wasn’t much human left.

        I also miss her grafted cat ears.

        In fact would love to see her drink spiked tea! forget this russian stuff or Camomile. Lets see her on Energy drinks and Cocane! cmon she will be needed to defeat a Kreebrick somewhere.

  2. Peter Rogan

    Yuri is remarkably forbearing to a couple of deadbeats, one of which is self-inflicted. But I imagine it’s penance she can do. Why go looking for penance when it can come to you?

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