07/30/19 – Wise Damage




Sometimes I think that wisdom is harder to win than stories often lead us to believe.


  1. Coyoty

    “How are you feeling, Jean Luc?”

    “Have you read my biographies?”


    “I lived two lives, one of them alien, losing loved ones tragically in both of them. My insides were reamed out and replaced with machinery, and my mind was reamed out by a Cardassian… How do you THINK I’m feeling?”

    “Do you want to captain a ship again?”

    “Sure, why not.”

  2. Night-Gaunt49

    Good one Coyote!

    Interesting dynamics here among them. And the way Mauricio was so afraid of being “saved” from being saved by Nogg. Nothing less than terror on his face at the thought.

  3. War Pig

    True, Chris. Gaining wisdom comes form making mistakes. Although I must admit, some mistakes are to much fun to only make once. Wisdom gained usually means skin lost, too. See a wise man and you will know he’s on good terms with Bactine and Band Aids. And some occasional heartbreak. Such is life and learning.

    1. Peter Rogan

      I must add a correction. Wisdom comes from making mistakes AND SURVIVING THEM. You might need to add some hospitalization and rehab time, too, in order to sort the whole thing out. Often the path to wisdom is like riding a broken roller coaster. Without knowing exactly how it’s broken, or where.

  4. Rikard

    Wisdom, eh? Yeah, I don’t know if it is even the same for two people. There’s some element of know yourself in there, but tha easily leads to navel-gazing. There’s at tablespoon of exeprience lived and the courage and ability to look at events and thinking: “I did that. Me.” without rationalizing, but that can easily lead to intellectual/emotional flagellation. And there’s a heaping of stubbing your toes metaphorically speaking.

    But I Think the main misstake we tend to do when thinking on the concept of wisdom is to conflate wisdom with virtue; that is false I think. A ruthless exploiter and manipulator ruleslawyering and min/maxing her way through life, is she not wise to see the game for what it is and use it to her advantage?

    Our poor, dear Mauricio is a humble soul who wields his commonness as a blade and his meek demeanor as a shield; armored in the virtue of modesty he has even (with help) managed to temper justice (Jabby) with mercy. Surely he is wise, but surely this wisdom stems from him being true to himself and looking within for that truth; not without?

    It is often with philosophy as with gold; if you want to find it you go to the store, but if you want to look for it you have to go prospecting.

    1. Muzhik

      The School of Hard Knocks is where you get the test BEFORE the lesson!

      (Also, as my daughter pointed out, in “Dr. Strange”, he makes a comment that the warnings in the grimoires always come after the actual spells; which is why when the baddies stole only the pages with the spells they were unprepared for the side effects. Also, at the very end of the movie, there’s a scroll that warns against texting while driving.)

  5. Peter Rogan

    Most fascinating Spacetrawler 2 comic in a long time, in terms of the shades of characters and character interactions displayed amongst the five characters present. Or did people forget the mop, and its relationship to Yuri?

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