09/11/19 – Lion Taming


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I spent a long time thinking about how to make it CLEAR what happened, with showing as little as possible. I know it’s just fiction, and comedy at that, but I take death, killing, and gore VERY seriously.


  1. Night-Gaunt49

    My of my, Bikke can strip off, clean and wear his enemy’s skin! Imagine if a tribe of those like Bikke appeared to fence of areas for their own they could be deadly. And annoying.

  2. Coyoty

    “Hey, did you hear about that Earth creature Bikkie? He’s actually wearing a Bollyck skin now! Don’t you think it’s a bit weird to be wearing body parts of your enemies?”

    “Not for Earthers. The one called Yuri used to wear the ears of a GOB master assassin.”

    “… … … Now that’s what I call a dark planet.”

  3. Keith

    Yep, good lesson that. That one can prefer to not kill, but also still be pragmatic enough to know that well. Sometimes a sophonts only choice is to do so. Sad really, I mean. If Bollycks weren’t sentient I could see a nice market in selling their skins to kangaroo as jackets. Wallets, gloves. HATS! Oh great banana the money I could have made just from hats made of Bollyck scalps and COFFEE MUGS FROM THEIR SKULLS! AHHHH! Oops, sorry…my gross materialism slipped out again. Sorry about the mess.

    1. russell styles

      Why should we let that stop us? They decided to become pirates, probably because everybody persists on using weapons they are immune to.


      If ANYBODY is immune to your weapon, it isn’t a weapon anymore.

  4. Peter Rogan

    Bikkie! Skills of Hwan! Skin of Bollyck!

    Perfectly unstoppable, unless somebody else comes at him with a table.


    Incidentally, Christopher, nice handling of an intrinsically messy scene. I don’t know if you’ve seen deer skinned, but… It’s really not an image you want to dwell upon, no.

  5. jwave

    I discovered this comic last month (August 25, 2020), and naturally started at the beginning. I appreciate your storytelling (with a taste of envy), and learn so much from the comments, too.

    In today’s strip, I particularly love how Bikkie seems to have learned the skill-set to sew on a button and buttonhole. I assume he used the Bollyck’s ligaments for the straps for the arms.

    re: yesterday’s strip, also digging the pre-kick “PAF”, “WHAP”, tail-stand:”SWISH” controlled blocks while ‘trying to think’ of an alternative to killing. I assume that the philosophy has matured Bikkie’s fighting techniques as well as his mind. Realizing this is non-cannon (but should be IMHO), Bikkie seems to be developing the finesse of a master, and the tactical acumen to defend against line-of-sight energy weapons. He should keep the reflective armor.

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