09/25/19 – Business and Pleasure


  1. War Pig

    Yeah. I know and have known some hard core alcoholics. Many were combat vets self-medicating because the military and VA are crappy about recognizing and treating PTSD. It can be easy to do. I also know a quite successful real estate salesman who owns his own company and drinks like a fish. I guess fortunately for him, his wife drinks like a fish, too, so they get along. He’s a “successful” alcoholic as they always take a cab (or Uber/Lyft now) when they go out. They are both happy drunks so they don’t get into trouble that way. Never run afoul of the law, but dang, he can really put away some booze. Drinks a quart of bourbon a day on average, double that on Friday and Saturday. Neither of the drink on Sunday. I once saw him BYOB his own bourbon and drank two quarts at one party. They’re both about as funny as Dudley Moore as Arthur from the movie when they go on a bender.

    I take a couple drinks now and then but I don’t really have a fondness for alcohol. Older means wiser I guess as I drink far less now than when I was young. It’s just another drink. I prefer a good, IPA or Danish ale or (real) German lager. On the rare occasions when I have gotten inebriated I never get a hangover. The next morning I wake up clear-headed and hungry.

    I worry about the real estate guy and his wife as they are really nice people, especially for lushes. Charitable, generous and otherwise pillars of the community. I’m waiting to hear one or both has cirrhosis of the liver or something.

  2. Peter Rogan

    Actually, Bikkie has all the makings of a good 1980s extreme violence male main character, strong of fist as he is of drink. But with a disdain for firearms. He’s like Billy Jack with an attitude problem. Billy Jack playing Travis Bickle, maybe.

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