11/04/19 – Pamphlets of Spain

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, November 4, 2019.




Just so you know… these aliens are not going to be main characters who we’ll see a lot (although I permit myself to deviate on plans later on). Their existence and actions will remain as an important part of the story, but the heroes will be Emily and the crew she travels with. I’m writing this because I understand this is a VERY long intro lead-up, and so I just didn’t want you to think it was all going to be callous house-crushing.

Mind you: I LOVE a very long intro lead-up. But in webcomic 4-strip-per-week form, the pace I imagine can get maddening.


  1. Efogoto

    Dude! You sold 7 house crushings in your Kickstarter. OF COURSE it’s got to go on a while. If previous Spacetrawlers are anything to go by, you could crush a dozen more and still have years of story to tell.

  2. Jude

    You’d think news of houses being crushed would get around. What do these aliens expect in the way of tourist perks if they land in relatively uncrowded places at night? They need to go where the action is! No chance of these guys coming down on Trump Towers, is there? If not, we at least need a large condominium or two crushed.

    1. DSL

      How do we go about getting the Trump Organization to — even unwittingly — contribute to the Kickstarter? How much of a contribution would it take to have the pups dent one of the golf courses? Smush Trump Tower in New York? Mangle Mar-a-Lago?

  3. Chris C

    These characters look like something out of ‘One Way’, at least drawing-wise, to me. Interesting to have them juxtaposed with the look of ‘Space Trawler’. You are such a talented guy, Chris, that you can manage so many different styles.

  4. The Gorram Batguy

    Howard Taylor’s space comic Schlock Mercenary has a race of aggressive aliens that looks like sapient koalas. They are commonly nicknamed “psycho bears”. (Ignore the fact that koalas aren’t actually bears.)

    I hereby label these guys, “psycho pups”.

  5. Pete Rogan

    Oh, I don’t mind a long buildup at all. It gives us more time to seethe about the Puppies and their heedless housecrushing, thereby giving us a reason to stick with the story and see their eventual, inevitable comeuppance. When it happens, oh! the cheering!

    Besides, I’m curious to see how they get together with Emily, and what their mission might have to do with that. At present there’s grounds for all sorts of speculation, but no firm concept of what they’re about, where they expect the work to lead them, and not a whisper of their origin nor their superiors and of course only the most maddening hints of their idea of the scientific process, which, if I may say so this short way in, sucks. But let’s see how they go. Smiling and clenching my teeth and imagining an even bigger spaceship coming down and crushing BOTH their ships at once. Ah. That was a satisfying vision.

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