10/31/19 – Luckiest Coyote

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, October 31, 2019.




I know I should mature and grow up, but I keep laughing every time I see Ruddock’s expression in the last two panels.


  1. Jude

    I’d say laughing about Ruddock’s expression has more to do with maturity than not. Immature people like to laugh at others but you’re laughing over what you drew. If maturity means not finding humour in silly things, I’d never want to grow up. So far *every* expression Ruddock’s has had, I find hilarious.

    So far in this new series, I love seeing Emily and Ruddock’s together. The big-eyed puppy aliens I find irritating (them, NOT your story!) probably because I generally dislike little dog breeds. Let’s hope they’re only in the early part of your story. If they continue to play a major role though, it won’t stop me from reading Spacetrawler.

  2. Rikard

    As owner of three dogs, 35-40 kilos each, I can relate.

    The Old One generally sniffs his own and looks at you indignantly as if it is your fault, before leaving the room and the smell.

  3. KQY

    We had a cat, Skeezix, who was a super cuddler. She’d lay on your chest and nuzzle your neck and purr up a storm. And. Then. Ssssss. Silent but Deadly! Woo! And, she never seemed to notice. But you would! And, she’d do that when you picked her up, too. We got to saying ‘Don’t Squeeze the Skeeze!’ So, you now know what I thought when I read today’s strip! 😛

  4. Leland

    I regularly laugh out loud when I read your comics. That kind of joy is hard to come by. Thank you. May we both never grow up. That is the main reason I supported your kickstarter.

    1. Tomn

      Bit late, but it’s more that the “alpha male” behavior (fighting for dominance through shows of strength, etc.) turned out to be the behavior of unrelated wolves thrown together in captivity. In the wild the “alpha” is…mom and dad. Because packs are usually families, see, so the parents lead and the cubs follow without having to thump their metaphorical chests over who’s more dominant. Essentially saying that wolves engage in “alpha male behavior” is kinda like looking at a US prison population and extrapolating that behavior to explain human society.

      The researchers who originally coined the term “alpha male” are slightly peeved with how popular culture has kept their old, flawed model alive when recent research contradicts it all.

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