11/14/19 – What To Do

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, November 14, 2019.




It’s hard bing a kid. Especially when psychopathic aliens visit.


  1. The Shadow

    High technology, yes, but you have several factors in your favor, Aitana. These aliens are overconfident, bored… and rather stupid.

    On the hand, they have learned to harness the power of cuteness for evil, so they must pay.

  2. meerling

    I’m beginning to wonder what would happen if someone got shot with more than one translator. Maybe a lot of times.
    I’d expect an advanced technology to identify if someone has a functioning translator BEFORE it would implant a new one. Then again, this Galactic tech doesn’t seem all that great on installing failsafes, or assuming that primitives, idiots, or fools would be misusing it in such a way.

    1 – Nothing happens, it doesn’t implant.
    2 – Nothing seems to happen, there is now a backup unit.
    3 – They start interfering with each other and it malfunctions or just stops.
    4 – They all work, but a bit out of synch. This can either induce an echo effect, or destructive interference which either makes the translations hard or even impossible to understand, or seriously messes with the implantees brain/mind, possibly causing actual damage, or maybe just confusion and disorientation. This might be limited to when the translators are translating something.

    There might be some other possibilities, but those are the ones that come to mind right off the bat.

  3. Night-Gaunt49

    Scientists will seem bored and maybe psychopathic to the mouse…only mice can’t reason so they consider themselves too far beyond us to think about us in the terms they think about each other. And that needs to change instantaneously!

    Aitana has her job cut out for her to inform her parents and saving them from the sweet puppy looking psychopathic scientist aliens.

    One wonders if the Government is already in route to them. Even if only one of the triangular secret space planes to reconnoiter the area? This would be their job as part of the ISSA established in 1955. Not the M.I.B.. On the other hand the only one who can do anything is the young girl who knows the truth.

    Go get’em, Aitana!

  4. ronald

    The aliens on the other end of the line are getting “bored.”

    What alien race is notorious for easily getting bored (and for taking very drastic action to make things more entertaining for them)?

    Hint: It starts with E


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