01/28/20 – Mugging Frenzy

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, January 28, 2020.




Getting in one’s daily exercise.


  1. Jude

    So three kinds of aliens so far – evil, amoral puppy types; judgemental, arrogant bird types; and dour uncaring mossy types. The universe is a decidedly unfriendly place. The only good thing so far is the mossy ones have terrible aim.

    Christopher, on my phone the far right of the comics are cut off slightly, more so in ‘portrait’ mode than ‘landscape’. If I turn my phone on the side to landscape, I can figure out what Emily is saying. Last night the same thing happened. I just checked on my tablet and in portrait mode, there’s still a bit that’s trimmed off.

    1. Meran

      He’s had this problem 3 days running now. We tell him, he fixes it, hooray!

      I’m calling these guys the Spinach Gang… they don’t seem to be good at much, do they? They aren’t running well (I wonder. If we could see them move, would they be almost rolling sideways while “running”? Like Weebles?), nor are they good with hitting targets.

      They are definitely funny, in a grim way. After all, Chance may let them to somehow luck into hitting ONE of their targets.. as in grazing a shoulder?

  2. Rikard

    Perhaps not consenting to be robbed constitutes a social faux pas?

    Not to mention the potential for escalation:

    “Hey! Those aliens are running from a rob-mob! They gotsa ta be rich! Let’s robbem!”

  3. Pete Rogan

    Well, THIS is distinctly alien.

    Muggers et alia don’t announce their intentions at the top of their lungs, firing wildly. For one thing, that warns the target. And for the other, it wastes ammo.

    They also don’t bellow that everyone gets a cut. This tends to encourage riff-raff and street leftovers to get in while the getting’s good, and demanding a share for coming in late. This tends to lead to altercation and argument, which can allow the original targets to escape. They get enough of that even without shouting.

    But what convinces me that the criminal Heims are outright stupid is their immediate belief that out-of-place strangers in their wretched neighborhood have money. Any thief with two brains cells in contact with each other will recognize these people are here out of circumstance, error, or compulsion, typically needing something, and they will pay dearly for any assistance — though ‘dearly’ might be their rings, watches, phones, anything else they have besides money. They are not to be threatened but befriended, in hopes of a larger payout — and part of the action, too, if that’s in portable form.

    I can see why this is a deplored and avoided neighborhood. It must be terribly enervating to have to watch these loud, incompetent muggers chasing strangers and firing their guns openly. I wouldn’t want to go there myself. And I came from Detroit.

  4. Night-Gaunt49

    Some of the Aliens and people in the Retief stories are like this callous and awkweird or strangely uncouth. But they can be dangerous if they are mindless carnivores.

    I’d almost say they are just missing on purpose. To herd them to a place where they can be beaten and make some of the most pleasing sounds. (To them.)

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