03/24/20 – Waffle Maker

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, March 24, 2020.




I don’t know why it charms me so much reading bots trying to one-up each other.


  1. Mel_Vixen

    The waffles are to die for … ok they are seasoned with cyanide but thats like sugar for Rigelian flurps!

    Seriously i love the bots and i could see the bots in this universe being like a shadowgovernment that make sure the biologicals dont f* up XD

  2. Pete Rogan

    Chiphu with a gun — ANY gun — makes me deeply uneasy. His motivations are not known. His demonstrated behavior, when not self-centered, is remarkably unsympathetic.

    I could say that seeing the scorched Emily drives him here, but I still remember his deliberately unlifted fingers and his excuse to Aitana. Something else is at work in him. Something I don’t trust.

    Incidentally, not only do I not hold with talking furniture, I instantly distrust talking furniture you can talk into coughing up guns. No good can come from that, I am certain.

  3. Sean K.

    This page reminds me of a Helen, Sweetheart of the Internet strip in which Helen’s various smart appliances were arguing and bragging. I tried to find it to post a link, but very few of the strips from that comic are still online, it seems.

  4. Muzhik

    I pray that he tries to find a quiet place to practice and in fact PRACTICE! It is incredibly hard to be precise with a hand gun, and I strongly believe in gun safety education before actually handling a weapon.

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