04/06/20 – Validate THIS!

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, April 6, 2020.




We have internet again, and it feels awfully good, especially to not have to upload from my car.


  1. Meoi Lass

    What?! Has nobody said it yet?!!

    “No capes dahling! No capes!”
    -E. Mode

    It is totally awesome though. Should definitely be made from some stealth tech fabric, or shoot lasers, or synthetic Bollyck hide!

        1. DSL

          The naugas were done in by a parasitic organism, the velcro. They stick to everything and cause the host animal to die of embarrassment. The Velcros were done in by the fact that once they mate (and Velcros mate for life) they are unable to attach themselves to a host.

  2. I appreciate your dedication to your art, driving around to find WiFi in order to upload the strip. Thank you!

    Unless you were out and about mainly to check on F’book. Then you’ve got a problem.

  3. Muzhik

    @Pete Rogan:
    Oh, to be ten again, and immune to assaults on my not-yet-nascent dignity!

    Clearly, you did not have older brothers. OR younger brothers about as large as you.

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