05/05/20 – Joke Upon Joke

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, May 5, 2020.




Listening to some Bill Callahan, an egg sandwich in on hand. It’s hot outside, but cool inside these adobe walls. And I’m just thankful I’m not hanging from a pit with a Waloofa Beast at the bottom.


    1. Meran

      You keep throwing out bait, but we aren’t as partial to wallets or the contents of them like the walloofa beast seems to be.

      So. No. No punny stuff is happening in my brain right now. Must be one of the new COVID19 symptoms. 😀

  1. Thracecius

    So…they just toss their only leverage into the mouth of the beast below? Not sure that was the best idea, but I’m sure something will come up.

    Have to admit though, they literally walked right into the trap door and should have watched where they were going. Even on an unfamiliar planet, or perhaps ESPECIALLY on an unfamiliar planet, they should be notice things that are out of the ordinary, such as a big circle in the ground that looks like a hatch. 😛

      1. Muzhik

        Fine. Great. Yes, let’s use logic to solve this problem! Throw tons of logic at it and see where we get! And let’s suss out who shaves the barber while were at it!

  2. Pete Rogan

    Well, if Joy-boy here isn’t going to get his wallet, then what ELSE is he going to do down here? Wait for them all to get tired and drop off? What then about Aitana?

    Of course, he can always bargain to let them go. But what do they have that he would want?

    There is only ONE possible thing he could want them to do for him… but he’d first have to see what his clients did with his warehouse.

    And what happened with Stangor?

    The week is still young. I’m getting more Jujubes.

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