05/18/20 – Where Now?

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, May 18, 2020.




Annnnnnd… back to the G.O.B.


  1. Pete Rogan

    I forgot to mention that Chiphu’s dealing with a somewhat-crazed Tesfay has raised his stock in my estimation. He doesn’t seem as self-centered as prior, and helpful to the general concept of humanity, something becoming rather scarce in these pandemic days.

    As for involving the G.O.B…. The two problems with this idea are 1) Delay and bureaucratization, and 2) finding the puppy-people have prepared their allies against this possibility who will lob as many sabots into the works as they can get away with without showing their hand. Or paw. Or tentacle, or whatever. (mutters in Russian): ????????! ??????????! (Politics! Bureacracy!)

  2. Muzhik

    Which reminds me: People say French is the most romantic language, but no. It doesn’t hold a candle to Russian for shear passion. If you don’t believe me, try looking at someone you love, and counting from one to twelve in Russian. Slowly. And with feeling.

    1. Andrzej

      Being from Poland I remember one Kashpirovskii, an MD-turned-hypnotizer, insanely popular in ’90s Poland. “Adin, dwa, tri, czetyrie, tolko spokojna, tolko spokojna”… He *did* have a dreamy voice.

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