05/20/20 – G.O.B. or Bust

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, May 20, 2020.




Life: Open mouth. Insert foot. Wash. Repeat.


    1. Rikard

      Especially considering the opportunity for comedy:

      “Shall I take offense?”

      “Please do, move up the column and lead through the minefield please.”


      “Please do, take it and bury it in the backyard.”


      “Take O’Fence? Take him where, boyo?”

  1. Pete Rogan


    Remember what I said about them needing a host for transport? Well, Wezzle and Bikkie meet the criteria squarely. But why would they seek to go back to the G.O.B.? I thought all the good money was in outsystems. Or is Laptrak a system too far out there for them? Hard to believe.

    Well, Stangor, Wezzle and Bikkie now join Emily, Aitana, Chiphu and Tesfay on a long and strange trip to the heart of treachery and double-dealing. Nothing could go wrong with that, now could there? Speak louder, I’m ducking.

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