06/01/20 – Book 9 Chapter 4 — Galactic Organizational Body

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, June 1, 2020.




So! For June, the strips will all look like this. I am struggling to finish coloring “Willowwep Manor” by July 1st, and so need the time focused there, but wanted to make sure I kept you all with fun content! I will go back and ink/color these in July.



  1. Meoi Lass

    Man, those food-synths actually terrify me. Like, yeah, they make cake, and raw stake, and butterscotch pudding alright (I still shudder whenever I think about that last one and almond oil though); however demitri had the bar-bot synth up an entire earth bedroom once. I’m not too sure I want to try eating the next thing it tries making. Kinda like, you need to clean your cooking utensils, after making meth, but before you start making brownies.

    Personally, the no color/black lined artwork is beautiful, in a simple way. Brings back some great memories.

    Also, is this possibly the biggest retcon in the STU, but, where the heck are the ‘-synths’ getting their building mass from?!! All spacetrawlers have been destroyed. And as we learned from Nogg and Emily, a certain vegetarian was definitely probably maybe possibly eating something that used to be a pirate, waaay back when. So, if the ‘trawlers are all gone, where is stuff coming from?
    Also, what did demitri do with the synthed bedroom?
    -meoi lass

    1. Coyoty

      Trek’s synths converted matter to matter, I think, but the synths in Spacetrawler probably convert energy to matter, and the energy comes from however it was generated, from trash or coal or hydro or solar or nuclear or whatever. They probably have pretty good batteries that hold enough energy to synth whatever they need.

      1. Bonker of Things

        While I can’t recall it explicitly being stated for the ship synths, the potty bots do have (limited?) synth capability and they explicitly stated they ate and stored matter to synth from. I guess the original ships with space trawlers used the part of the compressed matter from the trawlers as materia; however, as nothing was mentioned when they switched to greased dark light engines I assume that the synth materia is either from the ship’s sewage system (with a quite likely pre-filled tank to ensure a stable supply in case of global crew constipation) or that you are correct with the energy-to-matter conversion.

    1. Jude

      That’s how I was thinking too.

      Hey, let’s all help Christopher and colour his strips for him in June! We could come up with some pretty brilliant work for him. For me, brilliant refers to how brightly they’d be coloured, not how intelligently the colour choices would be. ????

      1. Muzhik

        @Jude: For me, brilliant refers to how brightly they’d be coloured, not how intelligently the colour choices would be.

        Nope. No, no, no. Sorry, dude. You just excluded yourself. Christopher is an AMERICAN artist, and as such, he uses COLOR — Bold Blues and Vibrant Yellows. Not some “colour”, like “Faded Robins’ Egg” or “Lemon Chiffon”. He uses ORANGE; not “tangerine”. (Anyone else feeling a little hungry?)

  2. Kaidah

    Waitwaitwaitwaitwait…the food synth can make trophies that say “good job, you tried”? I must have one. At last, I will have something to put in my trophy case. And a reason to buy a trophy case.

  3. KQY

    I like the B+W artwork. And, those of us who have been around a while are used to seeing such now and again. As always, it is A-OK with me. Whatever the Boss needs to do, as it were.

  4. Pete Rogan

    So. If I understand this correctly, you can have your trophy and…..

    …eat it, too?

    The possibilities for rude or actually hostile grammatical possibilities for translation that come to mind make my head spin like a dentist’s broken drill. I almost said a broken dentist’s drill, but you can see the problem. Ow.

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