05/28/20 – Symbiont Reasoning

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, May 28, 2020.




It’s always so frustrating when friends are being utterly reasonable.


    1. Christopher John Baldwin

      I was very aware as I developed the symbiont of it’s possible comparisons to Jabby, and although I wouldn’t say it is the anti-jabby, it is VERY intentionally different in motivation and heart.

    1. Mel_Vixen

      Well i can see the symbiote still as dangerous. If its interrested in its Hosts safety Tesfay could eventualy end up a couchpotato or Hikikomori avoiding each and every dangerous situation.

  1. Rikard

    If there is a surefire way to turn shell-shock into full-blown psychosis, it’s trying to force therapeutic talks. Of course, that’s in real life – a therapeutic symbiont/symbiote interested in not only the biological but also the mental health of the host might conceivably have en evolved innate process for feeding the host the requisite chemicals for mellow relaxation.

    I can’t help but wonder how it breeds?

  2. Pete Rogan


    No, I smell Jabby here. No mistaking it.

    Motivation isn't as important as you think. All the Western settlers wanted was land to farm. All that Hitler wanted was room for the population of a Greater Germany without their racial enemies. All Stalin wanted was a society unhooked from the individual material desires of the past. All Mao Zedong wanted was an old order swept away for a better China to take its place. All they needed to get what they needed was to get other people to murder and butcher and rape and despoil for them. And by God they got that. People were HAPPY to give up their freedom and their morality for a future that promised to be greater than they could imagine. And what they got was destruction and death.

    All Jabby wanted was justice. What did HE get?

    The symbiont here has the same motivation and the demonstrated want — no, need — to make others conform to its will and its desires. I don't care how noble those desires are, when you disfigure the human soul, individually or collectively, to get them, you have crossed a line that is no less final than a knife stab or a bullet through the heart. The symbiont has made its needs more important than Tesfay's. There is no return from that, however noble and beautiful the goal they've been drafted to serve.

    You may stand taller on that human heart you've put your feet on — or on the mountain of justified corpses you have caused to be piled before their empty city. Your footing remains evil, however closer to God you imagine yourself to be. This is an absolute. Do not pretend it is not.

      1. Pete Rogan

        First show me a good symbiont and I’ll tell you. This one doesn’t rise to that level.

        And once again I wonder what caused the former host to doff this symbiont where it did — in a busy restaurant cloakroom. Wonder whose idea THAT was? Emily’s description still rings true: Insanely dangerous. I wouldn’t wish this thing on one of the Puppy-people.

      2. The Saprophyte

        She also just said this one was good…for the most part. I’ll take that in the spirit of cautious optimism it was delivered in, which for Emily is practically a ringing endorsement.
        “Good” is arguably a relative condition with symbiwhosits. My intestinal flora and I aren’t exactly on the best of terms right now but they’re generally benign. The eyelash mites might be plotting something though.

  3. Muzhik

    OK. Once and for all! I’m tired of trying to figure out spelling, so we need for EVERYBODY to standardize. Which one:





    Enquiring minds want EVERYONE TO SHUT THE F*** UP AND CHOOSE!

    1. Pete Rogan

      Chris used ‘symbiont’ first. It’s good enough for me. Has the implication of purpose behind its parasitism, which has now been demonstrated. This ain’t no tapeworm.

  4. For dictionary purposes, there’s no difference between symbiote and symbiont. While symbiont is technically the proper term for either organism in a symbiotic relationship, authors were using symbiote for the “weaker” partner almost as soon as scientists started defining symbiotic relationships. I put weaker in quotes because symbiotic relationships are not necessarily host/parasite, or crocodile/plover bird, where one side needs the other more.

    The greater controversy seems to be do you pronounce it : is the “bi’ pronounced “bee” or “buy” ? That last sentence was rhetorical. I don’t care how anyone pronounces it.

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