06/08/20 – Back To Earth

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, June 8, 2020.




And more b&w! I am working hard on Willowweep Manor. And trying to sleep between work hours. I will persevere! Or it will simply BE severe. I forget which.


  1. M.A.

    I was at a Worldcon several years ago where they had Limbic Fizzlers on the bar menu. I asked what was in them. They told me. I had a gin & tonic. Some combinations should stay in outer space.

    1. Dan Grossberg

      I guess, I mean the GOB version (not to imply that it is consumed while the GOB is in session—after all, galactic governance is an enormous responsibility—but it probably is anyway). I mean, ” Absolut Pear and Ginger Ale with a sugar cube” sounds nice, but…. How about Red Bull and absinthe?

  2. tlhonmey

    Odd… From previous descriptions I’d have guessed a “Limbic Fizzler” was more a straight sedative than a highball. But probably it just affects various species differently.

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