06/09/20 – Cup Of Tea

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, June 9, 2020.




I colored hundreds of bunnies. I am numb.


  1. Hmm. Ok, I’ll play for some moxana points now:

    Everyone’s deciding to go home, fundamentally because the dog-head aliens got away and they have no leads (plus, space is effing scary).

    The dog-head aliens are doing something evil. Something involving humans.

    Therefore, yes, they will go back to earth and then they’ll run into the dog-headed aliens on earth. That’s where the humans live.

  2. Nomi

    What is Emily thinking in panel 5? Is she suspecting that Chiphu and Tesfay are setting her up, or something? Also, when she responds with the exact same tea metaphor, is she testing them?

  3. Chas. Owens

    @nomi I think she is reacting to the fact that sane people don’t want to be in space (or at least not in space anywhere near her) and wondering what is wrong with her that she likes space (or contemplating exactly what is wrong with her).

  4. Pete Rogan

    To rehash:

    Emily went alone on her jaunt to Earth to sort out her feelings about her husband, her family, her attitude, and what should come next. In the process she ran across Aitana, Tesfay, Chiphu and the Puppy-People plot. Homeworld chauvinism aside, this is a criminal enterprise to which she must respond.

    In the process she was wounded by a fugitive seeking vengeance, and left her human cohorts (plus Ruddock) to fend for themselves on an alien world for which they were not in the slightest bit prepared, approxiscans notwithstanding. And they did not die, which wins a bit of Emily’s respect.

    But only Aitana has a real stake in the game so far. Tesfay and Chiphu are hangers-on — Tesfay with his deep PTSD from his experiences in Eritrea, and Chiphu with a brand-new sexual identity pressuring him to get it on. In no way, as far as Emily is concerned, are these two capable of withstanding the stress of a Galaxy-wide manhunt without something else bad happening to them, or at least their minds. She has the resources to send them back to Earth, in better condition than when she left, and that’s probably best for them.

    So it would pay everybody to resolve their problems by sending them home and letting Emily continue the search alone. ‘Down to Gehenna or up to the Throne, he travels the fastest who travels alone” and all that. But that may mean leaving Aitana with Pierrot, which means a confrontation perhaps only Emily alone knows how personally devastating it would be. Aitana may be coming along because it’s less stress for Emily.

    But I agree that would be boring. So! On with the hunt, tally ho and all that, whatever happens at the GOB.

    Also, in panel 5, I think Emily is contemplating the distance between herself when and where she now is, and a traumatized Eritrean who is at the end of his rope. The explanation of the type of people who enjoy space and its adventuring is very likely something she would profit from hearing, but I don’t think she wants to put either Tesfay nor herself through that. Not just now.

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