06/16/20 – Back Towards Pierrot

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, June 16, 2020.




Awwww. I’m rooting for these two. 🙂


  1. Coyoty

    “Hey, Nogg.”

    “Hi, Emily. How’s– I’m not responsible for those Earthers being here!!!”

    “Don’t worry, they’re– Hey, Pierrot!”

    “Emily… Nogg, what did you do this time?!”

    “They’re not mine!!!”

    1. Rikard

      Dollars to doughnuts that Aitana will/would adopt Nogg as a loveable, slightly bumbling absentminded uncle.

      “Awww, uncle Nogg, what have you stepped in this time?”
      “Krepp left it on my floor. I don’t want to talk about it.”

  2. russell styles

    Well we can’t say they don’t do fan service once in a while.

    I for one am glad that the city burned. Not sure how one factory caused a city to burn though.

    1. Michael Palin: *bursts in the door* … “NO ONE EXPECTS ….. THE FIRE DEPARTMENT!”
      John Cleese: *stops reading newspaper* … “Mm, no. No. People do expect the fire department.”
      Michael Palin: “Not on that planet they don’t.”
      John Cleese: *Looks around.* …. “Yes, well. Point taken.”

  3. Pete Rogan

    Well, it’s a move. Emily made it, and Pierrot is willing to accept it.

    But they both still know the thing that makes Emily a brute is still there, and that to get over it, she’s going to have to learn intimacy. Which she really has never experienced in her tough, hardscrabble life. Save with Pierrot, as far as that went.

    I would wish them well, but Emily must still do all the lifting here, not just the heavy part. I’m too aware that this offer of community comes just before she’s to return Tesfay, Aitana and Chiphu to Earth. And even before she sets GOB Security to work on the Puppy-people. There are too many… let’s call them opportunities for complication and entanglement. I’m on the verge of feeling sorry for what Emily must put herself through before she can have the opportunity to realize just why she’s doing it.

    And now where comes this sensation of dread? This apprehension that something unexpected is going to demolish the foundations of certainty and tumble worlds into confusion, doubt, and horror?

    Gotta cut back on Sugar Babies popcorn, I guess. Time to shift to bêtises de Cambrai for a time. Yeah.

  4. M.A.

    If Emily’s learning to be more intimate and Pierre is learning to set boundaries, they’d better get good couples’ counseling before they pass, going in opposite directions.

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