06/15/20 – Hasn’t Learned

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, June 15, 2020.




I should write a relationship self-help book in the voice of Ruddock. Ah well. A project for another day.


  1. Lurker

    Ruddock’s natural bluntness makes me hopeful that she’ll bring him along to meet Pierre, so that he can finally explain to her the only real problem in her relationship: that she’s been futilely trying to get along with a tantrum-throwing self-righteous jerk for three volumes.

  2. Pete Rogan

    Out of the mouths of sucklings, as Isaac Asimov once wrote.

    But it’s one thing to name such tools… another to learn how to use them… a third thing to understand how they work… a fourth or fifth thing to make them work to make yourself more of what you have a dim understanding of what you’d like to be. Emily’s got a long road ahead of her to just come to grasp Ruddock’s tools in her own hands, let alone understand what she needs to do with them.

    And that will require using them on herself, as spiky and thorny a problem as one could wish. Emily knows all the dodges; used them till she’s sick of them, but she can’t stop using them. That will take a special kind of effort to save herself, and one, I suspect, that has to come from outside her, but speaks to that which she holds most dear.

    And what is that? No points for Pierrot or Em-J; she was there, she helped save them, and it was the wrong way to go about it. If she ever comes to grip with WHY it was wrong, and WHAT she should have done instead… she’ll be on the road to healing. But not before.

    Now I’m going back to my popcorn and ghee and Sugar Babies. God, I’m going to break the bed tonight, I’m sure of it.

  3. Gregg Eshelman

    Someone needs to explain “The Mushroom Treatment” to Emily, how that’s what she did to Pierrot.

    Kept in the dark and fed crap. If you have the time and take the time to fully explain things, most sane people will get why you’re doing what your doing and why you want them to stay out of it. Then if you listen to what that person has to say, you may find they have something useful to apply to the situation.

    But doing the *exact opposite* is a massively overused trope in entertainment. See “Spiderman: Far From Home” for an example. Peter uncovered something the adults didn’t know about *but really needed to know about*. They refused to listen to him. They also kept information from Peter, which if he’d known it, would have been a huge help to him when he decided to take matters into his own hands to confront the source of the modified alien weaponry. The adults were trying to backtrace the weapons to their source *when Peter had already discovered the source* but they refused to listen to him.

    Of course due to the regurgitated TMF plot elements, the adults blame Peter for what happens when their ignorance of what Peter knew combined with the ignorance they induced in Peter by keeping critical information from him blew up in everyone’s faces.

    It still made a good movie but could have been sooooo much better. I would’ve found it far more believable for Stark to have much higher confidence in Peter’s abilities, instincts, and intelligence, to understand that if Peter said he’d found something important *it’s highly likely to really be important*.

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