08/18/20 – Can’t Go Back

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, August 18, 2020.




I think Pierrot might do better by dating the coyote.


  1. Coyoty

    In the X-Men comics, there was a character who appeared literate, but she was really borrowing the skills of other people so they would understand her. She had no real understanding of what she was saying, and her power was giving people their own interpretation of her gist. I think that’s what the chip is doing, not giving what someone literally said, but what you would say in their place. Emily knows all about black holes and doorbells, but Ruddock wouldn’t. Emily is hearing what he means, but in her own words. And Ruddock is just hearing her whine.

  2. Meran

    …share you[r] emotions…

    Otherwise, yeah! Canids are great company. Compassionate, not self serving at all.. except for cheese.

    In my house, I’m known as Foodwoman… lol

  3. Pete Rogan

    One of the few advantages to living on the edge of survival is that it tends to simplify your thinking wonderfully. You get used to acting on the moment, which can save you more often than not when there are enemies near or a hostile terrain afoot. It’s typically not good when nuance exists, such as: Does this person need my help? Can I improve my life by improving his? Does the presence of cheese change things?

    Emily’s perceptions of her shortcomings took her back to her familiar wilderness on Earth, where the rules are tough but she knows them. And life and responsibility caught up to her there, and demanded more of her, and she still hasn’t figured out that responding to that demand is what can keep her human. She’s gone so far from this insight that she doesn’t recognize it poking her in the back. She just knows the same problems are before her as before, and she has no faith in meeting them any better.

    And I’m sorry to say I agree. Whatever she gets at home is going to remind her of what she lacks — which she likely will once again try to find someplace else. I still expect her to meet that realization good and hard and she won’t be able to withstand the blow. What becomes of her after will likely be the result of what she has learned on the journey. But it won’t be easy or pretty. Gandalf, meet Balrog. Neither of you will be coming back.

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