08/17/20 – Back At The Front Door

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, August 17, 2020.




Especially since “wise” is such a vague term and almost impossible to agree on.


    1. Fnordius

      I like how this comment can mean:
      – Ruddock is a necessary catalyst
      – Coyote’s role in North American mythologies is an allegory for rashness leading to good in the end
      – You are just trying to justify your own follies! Aha!

  1. Hades

    Knowledge is understanding that a Tomato is a fruit.
    Wisdom is understanding that, despite that, it should never be included in a fruit salad.

    (Alternatively; Knowledge plus Experience leads to Wisdom.)

  2. I don’t think “Show, don’t tell” is an inviolable rule or anything, but this still feels too much like she’s telling the readers what’s going on. It feels like the author doing a recap and also explaining the conflict and moral of the story to the readers. If the goal was to show a character’s self reflection, I don’t think it works that well.

  3. Pete Rogan

    And so again we find Emily trying to sort out her acceptance of life as a threatening chore versus her realization, however imperfectly realized, that other people don’t live like that and ought to be allowed to. This is obviously something that bothers her — and she’s trying to convince herself it’s her inability to let people absorb their own risks that’s wrong.

    Getting closer, there, Ms. Taylor, but not close enough to matter. I fear nothing can prevent, or make less necessary, the grand shattering yet to come. I’m not sure I should laugh or cry, and doing both tends to blow snot into my lungs. So I’ll wait.

  4. nightgaunt492015

    “A leader leads by example, not by force.” Sun Tzu

    Where does Emily fit into this bit of wisdom?

    Though she was helping someone against their will. Not always appreciated though that. She is stoic yet we get to see that she does care.

    Nice to see her seriously thinking about things she has or hasn’t done in the past and if they were bad ideas or wrong ones despite the positive outcomes. I like that, a thoughtful character. A habit I would recommend for everyone to do periodically, self introspection to see if you need to change somethings about yourself. Even to questioning things you don’t question.

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