08/20/20 – Forgiveness

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, August 20, 2020.




I like to establish dominance over cookies. 😉


  1. Rikard

    Cue emergency alert in 10…9…8…7…

    They have a baby. I’m a father – I know how this waltz goes. Hug, snuggle, getting cozy and then the “WaWaWaWa” from the kid’s room starts.

    ‘Course, they can always let Ruddock babysit.

  2. Jude

    Christopher, I deduce from how you build the personalities of your characters that you must have an incredible grasp of human nature. And along with that, a wisdom in personal inter-relationshipships. You do amaze me at times like the above episode.

  3. Meran


    My dogs will “lick my muzzle” for dinner time to come faster… it’s what canids in ther wild do… Also puppies. I allow it because it’s acknowledging my dominance.

    They’re still bossy though.

      1. M.A.

        I have conversations with my cat regularly. Neither one of us has the foggiest notion what the other is actually saying. So how is that much different from the conversations I have with other humans?

      1. Sean K.

        I don’t recall Mr. Jefferson passing away. I was, in fact, thinking that Emily may have a harder time getting Mr. Jefferson to accept her back than the same with Pierrot.

        1. Muzhik

          IIRC, I don’t think Mr. Jefferson made it onto the Spacetrawler or the GOB. I seem to recall a scene when the comic was first starting that had Pierrot moping about the ship because his cat, Mr. Jefferson, wasn’t there, and Pierrot missed him so much.

    1. Gregg Eshelman

      At least they’re not cannibals like Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Those are some seriously screwed up commercials, with the pieces of cereal eating each other.

      Someone with cartoonistic talent should do a drawing of one massive piece of the cereal being dumped out of the box as the sole survivor that has eaten all the other pieces. *thud* *buuuuurrrrrp*

  4. Pete Rogan

    Pierrot has expressed to Emily the humanity she herself lacks. And she recognizes it and weeps at the loss, as well as her own shame for not being able to reciprocate. That’s significant progress for her.

    But it still isn’t trust. That barrier is still deeply rooted in her, and still shows no signs of breaking. And Pierrot recognizes that too. As much as he recognizes that Emily’s humanity is trying to re-emerge.

    Lots of ways to go from here. Lots of things needing to be done. But Emily has to do them… and she has to trust herself doing them. I wonder sometimes whether it was easier for her to slice off two of her own fingers than to confront her emotional wall. I think it must have been. Which leads us again to what will make Emily transform. If Pierrot has got a better idea, now’s the time to show her and help her to it.

    Not that she’ll go without suspicion and deep distrust. That’s our Emily, after all.

  5. nightgaunt492015

    Emily is such a stoic. Yet we did see tears and a warm hug.

    A pleasant human moment and followed by a funny joke.

    Cats given translator chips…I would find it interesting.

    1. Pete Rogan

      Oh, Emily understands biting and dominance. She was raised among coyotes, don’t forget.

      It’s all the other human stuff she has trouble with. Trust in particular but that’s not the end of her limitations. And she hasn’t figured out yet how to change, the process that was interrupted by the Puppy-people.

      This is all terra incognito to her, and, given her natural wariness, she’s going to have her guard up against whatever comes along, be it coyotes, transgender Bhutanis, war-traumatized Eritreans or symbiotic vests.

      And maybe even her tendency to use people for her personal ends along the way, though we’ve not seen much of that. Yet. We’re waaaay past biting at this point.

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