09/14/20 – Wasting Away

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, September 14, 2020.




I sleep with one not-very-puffy pillow, but I am always amazed when I see people who have mountains of them.


  1. Rex Vivat

    If I use more than one pillow then my neck is bent too much towards my chest and pain is sure to follow shortly. I always assumed that people that have that many pillows just use them as decoration and don’t sleep on them, or maybe move them somewhere else (like under their hips) when they go to bed.

  2. Meran

    I have 2: a very flat one, and one of those Sleepgram ones. The flat one is out dien first, the fluffy overstuffed one overkaying it by about 50%, giving a kind of canyon between headboard and the Sleepgram one. Chloë (a pomeranian) lays in the canyon with her feet/legs dangling over so she can touch my head or face while she’s sleeping. I like it. Only 1 other animal has done that, Marigold, also a pomeranian. She and I and her brother were bonded at their birth. The vet called it something…. it’s a deeper thing than even bonding… meh. It’s too late (early!) for my brain to remember.


  3. Pete Rogan

    So meering was right last week, and Dmitri saw through the ruse. Shouldn’t be surprised he took it so well; open the dictionary to ‘smooth operator’ and you’ll find Dmitri’s picture smiling at you.

    And now we have a new dynamic, one that might reveal more about both Chiphu and Ciara, but I’d bet it’s the Irish girl who’s going to be showing the more of herself. Not that Chiphu has a choice here; he is inexperienced enough to take all Ciara can put out (sic) as a learning experience, including her left uppercut. This should be fun to watch. From a safe distance.

    Heaven knows what Aitana makes of all this. It’s far more of an adult environment than she ever expected existed, I’ll wager.

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