09/22/20 – On Not Caring

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, September 22, 2020.




I made apple crisp this week, and it was exactly how I would have liked it as a kid: so sweet it makes your teeth hurt. Unfortunately as an adult, I don’t like to feel awful for hours after I eat something.


  1. 0z79

    OK, so Krep really is that much an an asshole. Time to begin responding in kind, possibly with a pint-flask of good whisky at hand.

    “Whatever, fuckface! And I mean that in the most literal way possible, ya four-legged hentai reject! What are ya gonna do, run after me on those ugly-ass hoofs of yours? You’re a clumsy bitch!”

    …that is, if weapons-grade vocabulary is allowed.

    1. Ada and TB, yes! Unfortunately I was gifted a huge amount of apples, which were going to turn, so I made three casserole dishes worth (and I hadn’t used the recipe before, so I had no idea). I’m putting a TINY piece in my oats each morning instead of sweetener, but I’m not sure I’ll get through them before they turn. It’s just madness! 🙂

  2. Meran

    Chris, I can’t read the right side of the comic. Fir example, the 2nd panel’s first line reads “Just know that peop____”

    It’s cut off more than it used to when I complained before 🙁

  3. Muzhik

    @Christopher Baldwin:
    Unfortunately as an adult, I don’t like to feel awful for hours after I eat something.

    Wimp. No more ghost pepper flakes for you!

    So you have 3 casseroles filled with apple crisp. Boo-hoo. You can always cover two with foil and place them gently in the freezer. That way it can last you most of 2021.

  4. Pete Rogan

    Actually, I’d be making pies, and apple Brown Betty, and stock up on cream and do Fall in about one gluttonous week. But then, I love apples. Except the horrid and horribly misnamed ‘Delicious’ varieties, which, to agree with Fred Smith, are little more than beautiful red sawdust. Blech!

    And baked apples, with and without crusts. Mmmm.

    –Oh, the story! I cringe at what can happen once Mr. Zorilla finds out there’s a child with stolen parents on board. He’s not been known for restraint or emotional distancing in such cases, and I can only imagine what he’s going to hold over their heads to bring him along, God knows where he thinks they’ll be going. Ach!

  5. Meran

    Your Patreon thing isnt working properly. It took me directly PAST where I put in my name (which I saw was required as it flashed by, wanting me only to put in my country and zoo code. (I left that automistake on purpose cuz it’s funny. It was zip)

    I’d like to finally join it. (If I can pay for a stupid little phone game, I can certainly give you a pittance.)

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