10/01/20 – A Resemblance

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, October 1, 2020.




Sorry, folks. I just had to tie Zorilla in. To complete the trilogy? 😉


  1. Erik

    Hey Christopher, I am loving the way of including Zorilla, but the timeline is leaving me sorta confused. It’s been hinted at several times that Zorilla is either unnaturally healthy for his age or uncommonly old due to space tech. So unless his sister is a LOT younger than him, in my mind it makes the sister a bit on the old side to normally be having children? Could you comment on this?

      1. Gregg Eshelman

        I have a second cousin who has an aunt that’s around ten years younger than she is.

        Retired NASCAR driver Darrell Waltrip is 73 years old, his brother Michael is 57.

  2. Matthias Preissl

    The nice thing about Krep’s face being 90% eye is that when an epic eyeroll is required for a particular plot development he’s perfectly suited to deliver it.

  3. Timothy Eisele

    Is this the first mention that Mr. Zorilla lives in Uruguay? While he obviously lives in a Spanish-speaking country, I don’t recall it ever being stated which one, and I had actually half-assumed he lived in Spain.

    Although, if he is Uruguayan, I guess a vacation to Ecuador where he fathers Mauricio makes a lot more sense than if he was Spanish.

      1. Efogoto

        After a bunch of searching (though not a total re-reading … yet), I found that Christopher mentioned it in the comments to this strip, and that it appears on the cast page as I said, but I think Krep’s comment is the first in-story use of the word Uruguay.

  4. TB

    You really need to do a drawing of the Zorilla family tree, which would basically have him as the trunk (he already looks like a tree trunk) and about four million branches coming out of his head.

  5. Pete Rogan

    Another Martina relation, as before unknown to her, but cast away in space and in mortal peril, even if she doesn’t realize it.

    Things don’t usually turn out well for them, do they? So far.

    ‘Oh dear’ is right. If Emily were to learn of Aitana’s parentage….

    Let’s just leave that where it lies, and see if there’s enough bourbon for next week.

  6. Family resemblance auditor

    Yeah, you might need to tweak something. Aitana’s (i guess, now, adopted) abducted mom’s design looks nearly identical to Aitana. Which would be a neat selection criteria when adopting, but pretty unlikely.

  7. Pete Rogan

    Wait wait wait, it just hit me.

    If Aitana is Mr. Zorilla’s sister’s kid… she’s got another family on Earth that she doesn’t know about.

    And Heaven help her when she DOES find out. Tesfay and Chiphu knew their gigs were temporary, but her birth mother (father possibly too) are another kettle of fish entirely. She’s going to have to deal with how they feel about her regardless of in whose care she winds up.


    The bourbon’s a little low, now that I think of it. And the gin, rum, sherry and zubrowka could all use replenishment. Back to the liquor store!

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