11/18/20 – Bad Idea

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, November 18, 2020.




What could go wrong? Oh.


  1. Pete Rogan

    What ejection seat? As the symbiont has capably demonstrated, it doesn’t want to escape the situation — it wants to worsen it. Make it more exciting and terrifying, just what it thinks Tesfay needs, and is oh so wrong.

    The symbiont manifested wings and escaped the waloofa beast in the sewers in front of Thuo’s. If it has now manifested a life-support getup for Tesfay, complete with hull-cutter to force entrance into the Puppy-people’s ship, I’m not going to be surprised in the LEAST.

    What it expects to happen after that frankly makes me cringe. Tesfay is not a warrior and he’s about to go off into the deep end of his PTSD. Not even the symbiont can predict what will happen then. And so again I raise my warning cry: SYMBIONT SYMBIONT SYMBIONT SYMBIONT SYM—

    I broke the pop pump. I’ll be back soon as I get it patched… if I can!

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