11/24/20 – First Things Second

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, November 24, 2020.




The road to decommissioning a comrade is paved with good intentions.

Annnnd, a PSA. Allow me to take this moment and urge people to stay home for Thanksgiving & abandon travel plans, to avoid spreading Coronavirus.


  1. Efogoto

    Using one of the many apps available these days to speak with family while wife and I hunker down and disinfect everything that comes through the door. My best to you and this whole commenting community during the pandemic, and the happiest of holidays in your bunkers.

  2. Carl K

    We have 2 groups of family within a half hour drive, but we won’t see either of them this year. First time in 48 years we spend Thanksgiving alone. We have turkey and stuffing dinners to pop in the microwave, and a can of cranberry sauce to top it off.

  3. Pete Rogan

    Heh. Funny. Chris urges us not to travel but if the symbiont and Tesfay DON’T travel, they’re out the airlock.

    And now, suddenly, the symbiont is anxious to see Aitana’s parents and figure out what the Puppy-people are doing? When did it grow a conscience, let alone a mess of sympathy? I’m neither comforted nor calmed; the symbiont’s goals remain too murky to discern and its tactics only reveal a willingness to drag Tesfay into whatever it is the symbiont is getting into. If it turns out this is all play to it, I’m going to blow my Gore Vidal – William Campbell whistle SO HARD—-

    Dang. Sloshed my pop again.

    If anybody cares, I’m having a peaceful Thanksgiving at home without an excess of food but a plentitude of diversions and friends on the phone. And I shall continue being at home all day Friday as the world goes nuts and infects every mall. I did my shopping this week already, thankyouverymuch, and will not be contributing to the sad riots in public. Maybe I’ll read Norm Feuti’s “Retail” and fill my grin with schadenfreude. Worse things to fill it with, I can tell you that right now, yes sir.

  4. Muzhik

    I’m sad because last night it snowed. Not to be unexpected in Iowa in November. But it means I’m going to have to move my scooter into storage for the winter, which means relying on the bus to go shopping, etc. Not necessarily a bad thing, but due to Covid, the buses stop running at 6:45 weekdays, 5:45 on Saturdays, and don’t run on Sundays.

    So, Saturday I’ll put in the Sta-Bil, top up the tank, drive it to the locker, remove the battery, put it up on blocks, and try to catch a bus home.

    1. Pete Rogan

      Frankenmuth, Michigan’s famous chicken restaurants are looking for business. They do 7,000 Thanksgiving dinners a typical year, but this year — 3,000. I’m sure you can get a good deal if you can do the trip there and back.

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