11/25/20 – Stay With Me

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, November 25, 2020.




Ah, regrets of childhood.


  1. Pete Rogan

    I find myself thankful this Thanksgiving that I’m not in a PTSD catatonic state alone in a disused passageway in a spaceship of hostile aliens being hassled by a parasitic other alien that looks like a rejected dog’s breakfast trying to make me enthused about being there at all. Sorry, Tesfay, but I got it lots better than you and I am NOT feeling guilty about it IN THE SLIGHTEST.

    Have a nice Thanksgiving anyway, if permitted. And the same to all “Spacetrawler” fans throughout the cosmos. Even if you’re in an alien passageway paralyzed by terror. This too shall change. Maybe for the better.

    1. meerling

      I’ve been told I have it, even though I haven’t received a professional opinion regarding it yet.
      I’m referring to the PTSD, not the spaceship.
      As to aliens, I’m pretty sure that’s my family, so nothing new there, though they don’t look like puppies. One does look like a cat, but he’s adopted. 😉

  2. Night-Gaunt

    The year of being alone. For other than just being this is for safety’s sake.

    Picked up a turkey sandwich today for my Thanksgiving tomorrow.

    Tesfay was dragged by a symbiont bored and wanting excitement like any adrenalin junkie or psychopath out there. Too bad he is connected to it.

    Maybe Tesfay will get lucky and be free of it when it finds a better host. Only Tesfay will be left there with no spacesuit so it must be later under better circumstances. Until then try to relax Tesfay.

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