12/16/20 – Paperwork and Dues

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, December 16, 2020.




It’s always hard to return to any club you’ve left.


  1. Coyoty


    “If you don’t complete the paperwork, we’ll have to bring you to the Bureau of Incomplete Paperwork.”

    “I’ve never heard of that department.”

    “It’s not a department. It’s a bureau where we stick the bodies of those who don’t complete their paperwork.”

      1. Efogoto

        I really like the effect, though. It’s just weird … almost to the point of unsettling … how much I needed to see that “right-side up” to really comprehend where everybody was in relation to each other and not feel like I was looking at “Looking-Glass Land”. That’s why I said “Yeesh” – definitely NOT as a knock on our host.

    1. Meran

      There’s always “I’ll be glad to pay you on Tuesday for a hamburger today. ”
      That’s what I usually think whenever someone refers to dining today…

      Yeah. I’m weird sometimes. Yet I look like a German Irish hausfrau…

  2. Pete Rogan

    After listening to what’s been spouting out of Washington and Mar-A-Lago the last four years, I’m used to people who don’t realize they’re upside down, or at least refuse to acknowledge it. Roll on, Chris, roll on.

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