01/25/21 – The Joys of Misfits

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, January 25, 2021.




Thank goodness spaceships come equipped with so many large connecting crawl spaces. 😉


  1. lil sis

    To Quote Evil Emperor Zurg “”No, no, no! How many times have we been through this?! We’ve got to learn from our mistakes! There will be no air ducts big enough for hero-sized people to crawl through! It’s just asking for trouble.”

    1. Mgnostic

      After things (ships, buildings, castles, evil lairs etc.)reach a certain size you have to have crawl spaces for infrastructure and basic maintenance. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be monitored or regularly patrolled.

    1. @Patrodan, @al is right, this is the intro, there isn’t a missing strip. But yeah, in balancing the storytelling to be both a long-form narrative as well as a daily gag strip sometimes gives it a jumpy feel. In this case, I drop you in the middle of their conversation, and through the dialogue you have to piece together what the conversation was about. Sometimes this method is more effective than others. I think this one perhaps didn’t work as well as others. <3

  2. Pete Rogan

    Sobering, really, to find out you’re the ‘broken misfit’ who’s been made to grow a spine and become a tool in some other creature’s hands.

    Symbiont, you idiot, you removed Tesfay’s inhibitions on who to hurt if the cause is noble. And getting free of you just acquired a new sheen of nobility thanks to your big mouth. Who Chris seeks to destroy he first makes incapable of perceiving their own contradictions, and you’ve just painted a big red target on your… whatever you call your corpus and it’s physical terminus.

    Wish I could feel sorry for you. Well, no, actually I don’t. The comeuppance you’re about to get is one you’ve been earning since you first literally latched onto Tesfay. I shall cheer your dismay only the louder from here on in.

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