02/15/21 – The Chase Scene Escalates

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, February 15, 2021.




And escalators and people movers, they’re such bizarre things. But usually when on them, I can’t bring myself to walk, because moving me is their function. I can be an odd duck. 🙂


  1. someone

    I always keep moving on these things, because I don’t want to break my stride. When I’m walking, I’m walking, I don’t care if the ground moves under me too. I find stop-and-go to be more tiring than just continuous go.

  2. Paddy

    I always used to keep moving on escalators, since I wouldn’t stop walking and just stand around normally, so why do it while on an escalator?

    Then I met my wife who thinks differently. Partly because skirts.

  3. Pete Rogan

    The logic gets spoiled when one considers that Tesfay should just put Goonth down, as the escalator can carry them both and Tesfay doesn’t have to expend his strength carrying her over his shoulder for the trip. What’s the real gain here?

    Finding reasons to excuse machines for doing their job is a fault I never had. I’ve encountered too many malfunctioning machines to put my trust in them absolutely. I’m on a slidewalk, fine. Walking makes the trip faster, and it doesn’t bother the slidewalk at all. It also keeps me in practice for when the bloody thing stops for reasons of its own and doesn’t bother explaining it to you or even, in most instances, even bloody warning you it’s going to happen. For this I should be grateful? Machines that don’t do what I tell them to do I throw out. I don’t care if its an escalator, a cellphone or a hammer. Fail me and you’re trash, machine. Never forget that — if you can.

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