02/17/21 – Sit Back and Relax

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, February 17, 2021.




I hope if he does, that I’m the next one who enters that cloakroom. I would love to hang with the symbiont for a while. Although, in reality, maybe only for  short while.


  1. 0z79

    I wonder if Sym could fix C-PTSD as easily as PTSD. For those who don’t know the difference: The C stands for “Complex.” It’s from recurrent trauma or slow-burn situations, rather than something specific, like being in danger making you shut down.

    C-PTSD takes years to really set in; and it’s very much tied to your personality. Part of what makes you, you IS the traumatic stuff you had to deal with.. if Sym just tried to wipe out C-PTSD, could he do so without significantly changing your personality?

    Maybe he could directly attack the anxiety, though again… that’s part of what drives a person with that condition. No anxiety, no motivation.

  2. Pete Rogan

    As much as I’ve come to despise the symbiont, as long as Tesfay has the captive Goontz, I think he’s going to need the symbiont’s twisted sense of fair play and random actions. Very little of what he’s come across so far makes any sort of Earthly sense, and trying to apply the rules of our favorite dark planet could blunder him into all sorts of harm and peril, out of which he is not likely to be propelled. The Symbiont’s way may be the only way through. Laserblade or no.

    Sigh. This depresses me. An insane Galaxy one can anticipate, I suppose, but to encounter a thoroughly rando sentient symbiotic organism whose own insanity balances and makes survivable the Galaxy’s own randomness makes me reach for my criminal psychology texts again, knowing they’re only going to depress me more. I’m going to end up like Leo Bloom in “The Producers” when he realizes the failed play he and Max Bialystock have set up is going to succeed, requiring the payout of some 10,000% of the profits: Sitting on the floor, holding his security blanket, and repeating “No way out. No way out. No way out.”

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