03/01/21 – Captain Ruddock

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, March 1, 2021.




Sometimes we know not the plans we lay.

I had a delightful birthday week, btw. Just quiet little one-on-one socially-distanced get-togethers with friends, yummy food, getting out in the beautiful late-winter air, and some very kind and thoughtful gifts. I feel very lucky.


    1. Fnordius

      Yep. The ship is now captained by a coyote with a laser on its collar, and who can say if it can be convinced to bestow it upon someone else?

      I suspect so. Real coyotes are not known for being all that crafty. It may forget that it controls the food synth and might be easily swayed by a bribe.

  1. Kaidah

    I love how the computer is all “ok, guess the coyote is in charge now”. Although, he really can’t do any worse than the fish guy, or the squirrel lady, or the underage girl dressed as a space princess, or…

  2. Pete Rogan

    The Gods preserve us all.

    Turning comfy chair over so it can serve as crude shielding, though I’m not at all certain it can deflect what’s about to happen. Also turning urge to suck my thumb OFF.

    But let’s see how Ciara deals with the command situation. She’s better at trickery than anybody short of Dmitri. Or Anesu. No, I’m not counting the f—— symbiont.

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