02/25/21 – Tempting Disaster

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, February 25, 2021.




One word, made sure to be spoken in air quotes, “help.”

Oh, and it’s my birthday. Happy birthday me! Probably going to hang out with a friend of two in the days leading up to and/or during and/or after. Outside of course with proper social distancing. I’m sure it will be sweet and fine, but I do look forward to post pandemic days.

If inspired, you may always wish me a happy birthday with Patreon support or my ridiculous list of stuff on my Amazon Wishlist.


  1. FlySwatter

    Happy Birthday Christopher. Considering the many years of entertainment you have provided me, the least I can do is send you a little something for your birthday. Enjoy your copy of The Little Bookroom on its way from Amazon.

  2. Pete Rogan

    Happy birthday, Chris! And many more, even more pleasant.

    I don’t know Stangor’s parents, but I know a little about how they came to disown Stangor, and we now know Stangor. To what little bit she allows.

    I’m not encouraged by this knowledge in the slightest. I expect THREE Stangors to be worse than just the one, but with private quirks and sensibilities (and hostilities) that will make the encounter lumpy, to say the least, and their participation at best ambiguous.

    But better this than a bucket of phlegm over the head, right? Or should I just reserve judgment on this until proven otherwise? Sounds like a bet.

  3. Muzhik

    Courtesy of an old, old, Boynton card:

    Hippo birdie 2 ewe
    Hippo birdie 2 ewe
    Hippo birdie deer Chrstopher
    Hippo birdie 2 ewe!

    Wishing lots of chocolate (the healthy kind) (yeah, right) to you on this day.

  4. Night-Gaunt

    Happy Birthday Christopher in these trying times. Warm light and smiles!

    Glad we all made it one more year. The light is definitely on the horizon for some things like the Pandemic.

    As the picture goes, “hang in there!”

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