04/08/21 – A Feast!

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, April 8, 2021.




That’s why there’s condiments, Goonth. That’s why there’s condiments.


      1. Meran

        One year, we decided to make our own Indian food, appetizers to dessert. We spent the entire day, then we were too tired to eat.
        The samosas were the hardest (everything was very delicious! ) It’s cheaper to go to the restaurant…

  1. Coyoty

    In addition to gin & tonic and Swedish meatballs, every planet that claims to have intelligent life somehow has the condiments ketchup, mustard, and gripacH. Except for Earth, which somehow never had gripacH, and that’s what’s holding it back. I mean, how can you have a civilized planet without gripacH?

    1. Keith

      Because for some organic chemistry reason I’m not smart enough to understand…it is incompatible with our biology. What’s really sad is, I’ve never been anywhere that has good dwarven bread.

  2. someone

    Should have gotten the Russian cookies, Goonth. They’re apparently the only tasty thing available in space, ever since furryite sandwiches have been discontinued.

  3. Mgnostic

    The buffet/cafeteria line is almost always spiced to the lowest common denominator. This is true even for Tex-Mex which is expected to be at least a little bit spicy. At my favorite Asian restaurant the difference between the buffet and ordering from the menu is like night and day.

  4. Pete Rogan


    And here I am trying to not imagine what Klingon sushi would be like. I think I’d need a knife for it. ‘Cause I KNOW it’s going to fight back.

  5. p0indexterous

    Two days ago I bought a jar of tomatillo salsa from a Mexican Mercado that I had just discovered behind an old strip mall. The ingredients list was tomatillos, jalapenos Serranos, vinegar etc… Perfect! I made enchiladas last night and I was so eager to try my new authentic salsa on them. After my first bite i was running for the milk. Further reading of the ingredients list showed habaneros and scotch bonnets, and “Extremadamente caliente!” boldly printed on the lid.
    I will gladly donate this jar to Goonth to liven up her food.

    1. Muzhik

      I had a similar problem when a store doing “shopping and delivery” for my groceries accidentally included a bottle of the “medium” spiced salsa instead of the “mild” salsa I had ordered. I just mixed the new stuff with my existing mild salsa half-and-half, and came up with something surprisingly good. (It was easier than getting the order fixed.)

      I suspect you’ll have to mix it 1-tenth new salsa to 9-tenths existing salsa. Also, try doubling or even tripling the amount of cheese in your enchiladas.

      1. 0z79

        Heh… so that’s why there’s so much cheese in “authentic” tex-mex up here. Kinda rare to find a taste of El Paso in an area where people consider ketchup spicy.

      2. p0indexterous

        Yeah, I’ve found out, through trial and error, that a tsp of it is about right for a serving. It adds a great taste. Now, when I make Mexican food, to coin a phrase, “I put that shit on everything”, in moderation of course.
        I have a pretty high tolerance for chili’s, I don’t find most “hot” salsas that spicy, but this salsa is truly extreme.

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