04/13/21 – Leaving the Planet

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, April 13, 2021.




Allow Goonth to clarify what she meant by “ready.” πŸ™


  1. Pete Rogan

    Welp, Goonth’s estimation of her species was correct, I guess. Too bad her plan didn’t work as she hoped.

    But the possible resolution I see terrifies me so much I can’t go on. With Tesfay wounded, the symbiont discarded, and Goonth saponified, you wouldn’t think there could be worse. But there is. And now I must go and not think about that the rest of the day.

      1. Pete Rogan

        Well, Goonth wasn’t translated into a glowing mass of energy. She was rendered into what could be organic modules with a ‘Splubt!’ sound. Which modules were bubble-shaped. So, saponified.

        Of course, she could simply have been deprived of collagen, or some other sort of organic transformation resulting in said modules. Without better information, I say she’s been soaped. Careful when you step over her; could be slippery.

    1. TheWreck

      Regarding the Symbiont, I quote from one of the volumes featuring Buck Godot, Zapgun for Hire: “I’m convinced that he’s got someone out there paying him to breathe!”

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