05/18/21 – Describing Stribs

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, May 18, 2021.




(below is the same blog as yesterday, for any who missed it)

So…. I have an announcement. I am going to reduce Spacetrawler down to 3 days a week. And I ask you all for your support in that.
I am doing this for my health and for my future work. Which breaks down into three main categories right now.
1. Having bought a ridiculously cheap house which was entirely NOT habitable, I am spending two very long days every week working on it. Hopefully this will ease up in the autumn. And I need this. I need a house, a home. I can’t afford to keep paying rent as a cartoonist, or I’ll slip back into debt. If nothing else, think of it as an investment into me being able to focus on work in the future with less worry.
2. This summer I have a month-long artist residency in Montanna. I wish to get ahead on Spacetrawler, so I can spend that time recharging my batteries, and just writing freely, and exploring new ideas, and not having to do my day-to-day work whil there. I know you all appreciate that I don’t remain static in my work, and I think this is really needed for me. It’s been a hard year (for all of us). As of now, I haven’t even BEGUN getting ahead on Spacetrawler, because I can barely keep up. This easing up on my schedule will help.
3. Which brings us to the third point. I’ve over-extended myself. Some of it is my own fault. But I am at risk of burning out. And doing this is an act of self-care, and I hope you stick with me during it.
best, Christopher


  1. Streben

    Entirely understandable to want to change your schedule. with the workload and need to take a time to recharge. Good luck on the house repair.
    Whatever time you need is understandable. Best of luck!

  2. Dirk Bergstrom

    Any chance you’d want to go to M-W-F, like most comics that are three-a-week, instead of M-T-W? That would fit better with my daily trawl.

    Whatever works for you is fine though. I’ve been reading your work for ~25 years, and I’m hoping for another quarter century. Do what you need to keep yourself sane and happy.

  3. Pete Rogan

    One of the longest strings of encouragement and well-wishing I have seen here in as long as space has been trawled. I’d say you’re good to go, Christopher, and Godspeed to you.

    And suddenly I’m afraid of Khaba’s mother. I’ve seen the apple; I’m pretty sure seeing the tree it fell from would scare me to death.

  4. Martin

    I’ll even do with a strip a week or a hiatus, if thats what you need to take care of yourself and the things on your plate. I really love your story and a slower pace won#t make me go away – thats for sure.

    Also: The work shouldn’t be more important than the person doing it. Take good care of yourself. And I appreciate you showing a glimpse in your RL. Its so easy to forget the work you have to invest in something awesome like this. Going to support you from now on, even if its not a lot. Take care!

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