05/19/21 – Book 9 Chapter 11 — Boukinar

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, May 19, 2021.




Sometimes negotiating is like fishing, you just have to cast some lines and see what happens.


    1. Meoi Lass

      I think I see part of why Demitri liked her, some.
      They also have similar, yet dissimilar facial expressions.
      I think she is lovely when smiling. It’s the cause for her smile, and what happens afterwards that might not be so nice.
      -meoi lass

  1. Pete Rogan

    Hm. In my experience, there’s only two reasons your quarry gets in touch with you. One: They’re experiencing a weakening of will, and think they can bargain. So the strib in charge says.

    Two: It’s a sham, concealing a counterattack possible already on its way. The longer Ciara talks, the less time she’ll have to detect and prepare against it.

    I note in passing that the stribs have Ciara’s video on the table in front of them, not unlike a plate of meat about to be devoured. Says a lot about their approach to other species. And the greater value of stomping them out of the Galaxy entirely.

    I wonder: Can they put the strib planet through the Drak-Sim, or would that just aggravate the problem on both sides? I’m starting to think in E. E. “Doc” Smith scale now — planetary nutcrackers, turning a solar system into a directed energy weapon, that sort of thing. You know…. scale.

    1. rwstyles

      So the Eeb gets powered up sooner than wee thought. That’s the surest way to destroy them. She is capable of destroying a planet by herself, or at least burning the surface.

    2. Keith

      L.O.T.A. can. Or you could ask Petey. But he doesn’t use solar systems, he just harnesses the entire galaxy to generate power(used the black hole at the center of the galaxy) who knew you could break one of those?

  2. Night-Gaunt

    As long as the Strib have hostages the best you can do is to destroy their engines and weapons to board them and hope they don’t like to self destruct. That is if you can even damage them. Watch out for sneak attacks.

    Col. Green liked to attack while he is negotiating peace.

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